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What exactly is Headstart?

We are A.I. experts with a deep business knowledge of contact centers. Our A.I. accelerator program and Platform help contact centers to yield the benefits of A.I.

What is your expertise?

We are A.I. and data science experts with years of experience in consulting companies on how to implement innovations into their organisation. To yield the benefits of A.I. you need the combination of business and A.I. expertise

How can you help me?

Many contact centers struggle to go from opportunity to scalable solution. We created a framework that helps your contact center to go quickly from idea to production. With our A.I. accelerator program we detect the largest business opportunities for your organisation, business case driven. Followed by proof of concepts. Our Platform helps to scale-up successful proof of concepts.  Creating immediate business and customer value.

Do your solutions work in other industries than contactcenters?

Yes, our solutions are applicable to other business services.

What are your prices?

Call us at +31(0)6 143 73 141 or mail: s.vries@headstart.ai

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